About Us


Together Dr. Kat Halloran, ND and Rev. Amber Lee Jean founded Quantum Light Healthcare in 2009.


Quantum Light Healthcare is intended to stand as a beacon of light, love, peace and hope in the world by helping to improve one life at a time. The QLHC mission is "Transforming the Healthcare Paradigm," because the more shifting towards peace and light that happens inside the healthcare system, the more society will shift with it.


We believe that not all diseases are physical in nature.


We believe that being sensitive, gifted or just different, does not necessarily mean you have a "disorder".


We believe in compassion and that nurturing a patient's heart and soul can be as therapeutic as medication sometimes.


We believe in the healing power of the mind and the mind-set of the patient.


We believe in an Integrative-Medicine approach: Mainstream Medicine is incalculably valuable to health and wellness, as are Natural, alternative and spiritual approaches to health and healing.


We believe that some sources of inspiration, empowerment, joy and healing cannot be measured scientifically (at this time...), and that should not make them any less important to the healing journey.


If you are looking for a healthcare paradigm that addresses every aspect of life: physical, mental, emotional, sociological, and spiritual - you have found it...


Welcome to the Quantum Light Healthcare family.

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