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Dr. Kathleen "Kat" Halloran, ND



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About Dr Kat

Kathleen "Kat" Halloran has had a passion for helping people since she was a very small child. Born the middle of six children, Kat developed great skills in mediation, counseling and compassion at a young age.


Kat started her professional life working for 10-years as a Clinical (Infectious Disease) Microbiologist in Cincinnati, Ohio. During her Microbiology career, Kat admits that she hadn't yet developed any tools to balance her life - frequently working 70-80 hour weeks in the lab. In 1996, Kat was forced to reevaluate how she took care of herself, when her mother passed away. After her mother's death, Kat started to wonder about where her life was going; did she really want to spend her life doing what she had been? She started to develop some of the skills she now helps her patients with in balance and self-love.


Only a year after her mother died, her older brother passed away suddenly, once again causing Kat to reevaluate her life. Kat went through a "dark night of the soul," and through the process of trying to find the light in the world, she realized later, she actually discovered the light inside herself. She now sees that time of tragedy as a gift of healing and hope that enabled her to be the person she is today. It is through her deep experiences of pain that she is now able to understand the pain others experience.


Only months after her brother's death, Kat made a radical, life-changing choice, a choice to follow her heart and shine her newly re-discovered light... Kat sold her house in Ohio, packed up her car, uprooted her life and moved across the country to Seattle, Washington to attend Bastyr University with the goal to become a Naturopathic Physician.

In 2005, Kat graduated valedictorian of her class. She moved to North Bend, Washington and began her private practice.

During her time at Bastyr, Kat was exposed to many new ideas in health, healing and spirituality. She studied several energy healing modalities and developed her own energy and quantum healing techniques. She now uses those quantum healing techniques every day with her patients.

Kat brings a lifetime of love and passion to her work. She is passionate about helping people help themselves. She wants to give people tools to help create more balance, health and well-being in their lives. Because of the painful times in her own life, she brings compassion, understanding and support to her patients.

In addition to her private practice, Kat is currently writing several books and speaks nationwide about a wide range of health and healing and mind, body, spirit topics.

Dr Kat appreciates creating a balance between work and play. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her wife, Amber, relaxing with friends and family, hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest, spending time at the beach, meditating in her hammock and nurturing her spiritual journey. She enjoys reading, gourmet cooking, and her menagerie of sweet pets including several cats and a 25-year-old Cockatiel.


Thyroid, Adrenal and Endocrine Health

Natural Family Medicine

Intuitive Energy Medicine

Board Certified in the Specialty of Restorative Medicine by the Association for the Advancement of Restorative Medicine


- Clinical Biochemistry 

- Adrenal & Thyroid Health

- Pain Management and Relief

- BioIdentical Natural Hormones

- Coccidioidomycosis ("Valley Fever")

- Nutritional Counseling

- Auto-Immune Disease Support
- Immune Wellness

- Stress Management

- Functional Naturopathic Medicine

- Restorative Medicine

- Spiritual and Psycho-emotional related Health and Wellness concerns


Edmonds, WA

World-Wide Zoom, Skype, DoxyMe Video or Telephone Appointments

2010 - present

2010 - present

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