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Cold Laser Pain Relief

Returning Quality of Life with the Healing Power of Light

The Newest Revolution in Healthcare is Here

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Cold Laser Therapy is:

- Painless
- Non Heating
- Does not Damage Tissue
- Highly Effective

Every single day, more and more research is being released on the incredible benefits of Cold Laser Therapy in Medicine. 

Perhaps one of the most exciting ways patients are seeing life-changing benefit is in Pain Relief and Inflammation Reduction.

Until recently, medical treatments for inflammation (and pain) were actually surprisingly limited and included a variable combination of potentially harmful medication, painful surgeries, long-term, time consuming therapies or, "living" with the aches and pains with a seriously reduced quality of life.

This is why the discovery of Cold Laser for the clinical treatment of pain has changed the game forever.

Not only is Cold Laser Therapy incredibly effective at relieving pain quickly, it also lasts.


Depending on each specific situation, patients typically have noticeably less pain from their first treatment, and eventually are able to go longer and longer between treatments, many are even able to not get regular treatments at all, while still maintaining lower pain levels and higher energy.


If you've dealt with pain for a while, you will understand how exciting that possibility is.

How it Works

The cells of all living things work best when they are exposed to light. Light has long been known to "Excite" or stimulate the mitochondria of each individual cell, helping it produce more energy and each cell individually work better. 

The highly concentrated light of Laser Therapy takes this to the next level. Medical Laser Devices are designed at specific frequencies and wavelengths that have been shown in clinical trials to be the most effective wavelength for what that device is designed to address.

When the laser beam shines on the skin, not only does it excite the mitochondria and improve cell biochemistry at a very concentrated level, it also helps the body bring more oxygen and nutrients to the area, and it helps the cells to flush toxins, waste (and inflammation) through the lymphatic system. The laser light increases the functioning of all these systems in the body, all at once. 

The human body is both intricately complex and shockingly simple at the same time. 

Hundreds of thousands of individual cells and systems are needed to work together for proper health and functioning, AND when something starts not working properly, or working too slow, the entire chain backs up and eventually it leads to disease, fatigue, inflammation and pain. 


Cold Laser Therapy "Up-Regulates", or enhances the good, healing qualities of each cell. It pushes over that first domino of a healing and for several hours and up to several days after your laser treatment, your cells continue to function better and engage in healing and repair. 


Eventually, with enough laser treatments, the cell repair that has happened already, is enough that your body is able to go longer and longer without additional 'nudges' toward healing with the laser.



How Cold Laser Therapy Helps Each Kind of Tissue typically associated with Pain:


- Nerves 
  Promotes Nerve Growth and Myelin formation.

- Bone

   Excellerates Bone Repair through "Proliferation of osteocytes", or increased production of bone forming / healing cells.

- Cartilage

    Increases Chondrocyte and Collagen production, which helps the body build and repair cartilage

- Muscle

     Regnerates, heals and improves Muscle Tissue

- Skin

     Increases Collagen Production and enhances skin healing.



But What Does This REALLY Mean for You, The Patient?

All that Cellular-level Action that the Laser improves in your body means that patients have;

Less Pain,

Less Swelling,

Increased Mobility,

Stronger Muscles,

Healing of Scar Tissue,

Hormone Balancing,

Improved Digestion,

Improved Sleep,

More Energy, and more...

The beautiful thing about the laser treatments, is that with each treatment it is cumulative, so your body will improve every time you get a treatment!

No Pain.

All Gain.

Find Out How Our Lasers Can Help You Reclaim Your Life

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