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How Puget Sound Residents are Getting Real Relief from Pain

Chronic Pain is a Pain.

It's time to get back to your life.

If you clicked onto this page, this probably isn't the first time you've been searching for a new solution, another potential...

Just One More thing to try, to finally find some relief from your chronic pain.

You may be frustrated by a lingering pang that shows up when you least expect it, making you concentrate on every movement, every step, just to avoid aggravating the pain...

Or, you have aches and pains from long work hours that prevent you from enjoying your precious time off, connecting with friends and family in all the ways you once enjoyed...

Or, you experienced a life changing injury, illness or accident, leaving you just hoping to get a little relief, wondering if a "normal life" might be too much to hope for anymore...

You've tried so many things in the search for relief from this chronic pain and discomfort...

But it's never quite enough, the pain always lingers.

Or it goes away, only to come back...

It's exhausting. And it's not working.

You try to ignore it and just push through the pain. 

You try to shrug it off and tell people you're "fine",


But when 3am comes around and you can't sleep - again - because of the pain, and you just want to get some rest...


Or, when the activities you love feel impossible, leaving you with that all-to-familiar sting of disappointment...

That's when the hopelessness starts to really set in...


Leaving you with two choices: 


You can try to accept that this is just how life is now, and figure out how to make the best of your current situation...


Or, you can find a solution that finally puts you on the path to the relief you so desperately want.


And I'll be honest; to me, it doesn't seem like accepting a life of aches, pain and constant disappointment,

while you watch other people live fulfilling lives around you is much of an option at all.



It's time to start Healing, and finally get back to Living.

Over my 30 years in medicine, I have collected a unique range of therapies, specialties, treatment devices and have a specialized background in functional, integrative medicine that puts patients first...

In 2021, I added a Cold Laser Device to my practice that is typically used in aesthetic medicine. 

As patients began to use it, I noticed something interesting...

When the patients who were also already using several other therapies in my office, got treatments with the new Laser device... 

They all started to talk about the same thing...


Somehow, since doing this unique combination of therapies, their decades-long chronic pain, aches and pains, old sports injuries, overall inflammation... were suddenly, spontaneously getting better. 

In some cases, the pain, injuries and inflammation were gone altogether

With each additional treatment, the relief would get even better...

The effects lasting longer between visits.

Remember, at the time, we weren't even trying to treat their pain, it was just happening.

Day after day, I would have patients in my office, often in tears because they had been able to do things, have fun, see friends, sleep better, and have more energy to finally experience the life they wanted. 

Without so much pain holding them back.

This experience became so common... I couldn't ignore it anymore.


So, I developed the Quantum Pain Relief Program. 

To help other people finally find the relief they are looking for
and help them get back to doing what they love.

Click the link below to schedule your Free 30-minute Consultation with Dr Kat.
During your appointment, you will discuss your case and determine if you are a good fit for the Quantum Pain Relief Program:

I work on my feet all day. Both of my knees are bone on bone. The pain was nearly unbearable. Another doctor suggested I come see Dr Kat. 


Within two weeks of working with her, my pain has gone from a constant 8.5 out of 10 to a 1.5 out of 10.


Even while I'm working on my feet. and the relief is lasting between treatments. 

Julia, Seattle

An All-New, Comprehensive, Integrative Approach to Healing

What is Included in the Quantum Pain Relief Program?

Medical Cold Laser

New, exciting studies are coming out every day on the incredible health benefits of Cold Laser. In fact, science is barely scratching the surface of understanding all the benefits and potential applications of this incredible new technology.

The best news is - one of the conditions that Cold Laser helps the most is Pain and Inflammation reduction.

Cold Laser helps the overall function of each individual cell, helping the cells to clear inflammation faster and support their natural healing process.

Specific wavelengths of medical lasers appear to have certain conditions they help with the most in clinical trials. For example, Lasers that are 405 - 653 nanometers have been found to be particularly helpful for overall pain reduction.

The Quantum Pain Relief Program features 2 different types of FDA Approved Medical-Grade Cold Laser therapy.


Treatments are tailored to your painful areas, and adjusted to the best frequency to address the type or cause of the pain...

Giving you fully customized treatments created just for you

Cold Lasers are Non-Heating, so they do NO damage to the skin, and treatments are completely painless

Far-Infrared Thermotherapy

Far-Infrared Thermotherapy has been extensively studied to relieve pain and decrease inflammation, as well as improve overall cell function.

We have an FDA approved medical Far-Infrared device, on which patients lie down and receive treatment for pain. 


It is gently warming, and patients often feel extra refreshed and calm after treatments.


Nutrient Evaluation

Chronic Pain and Inflammation deplete key nutrients in the body, making the cells unable to function properly or to aid healing... 


Ultimately leading to cell damage, which creates even more inflammation and pain...


The very definition of a "vicious cycle".

Dr Kat specializes in interpreting comprehensive lab results and your symptoms to help build a thorough nutrition and supplement plan for your unique needs. 


Helping your body replenish what it needs to heal right now, and setting you up for improved health, long term.

Doctor's Visits

The Quantum Pain Relief Program includes 4 Doctor's Visits, in which you and Dr Kat will work together to order lab tests, establish your individualized program plan, make any changes and offer support needed along the way.

During your Doctor's Visits as part of the Quantum Pain Relief Program, you and Dr Kat will work together to:

  • establish and manage your individualized program plan,

  • order and analyze lab tests,

  • discuss your long-term strategy for reducing pain and managing inflammation long-term,

  • offer any other support needed along the way.

Go Beyond the Office with

Home Therapies to Help You Between Appointments

Stanford University Empowered ReliefTM Program

Dr Kat is trained and certified by Stanford University Medicine as an instructor of their highly effective EMPOWERED RELIEFTM Program.

Empowered ReliefTM helps give patients clinically proven, drug free tools they can use any time, anywhere to quickly help manage their pain. 

This Program and its tools are included in the Quantum Pain Relief Program.

Lifestyle Assessment

You might be surprised how little tweaks to things like the ergonomics of work stations, cars and couches can add up to big changes in our pain level. 

Dr Kat will help you evaluate where you spend a lot of time, and how you can better support your body in doing the things you need and want to do.

After a concussion, I have had a constant headache and neck pain for nearly 15 years.


After my first couple of treatments, my head and neck pain was gone. I couldn't believe it.


A year after my treatments, I am still mostly pain free and if I do have any soreness, it is just that, soreness usually from sleeping wrong or doing too much -- you know, like a normal person. And I am able to bounce back to being largely pain free within a day or two.


This has been life changing.

Shelly, Mountlake Terrace

What do You Want to Get Back to Doing?

Let's work on it together.

When you click the button above and fill out the form, you will be able to pick a time to schedule your first consultation online.


You will then get an email with a link to some online paperwork. Please submit it before your appointment. This will help you get the most out of your assessment.


In your consultation, you and Dr Kat will discuss your case and determine if you are a good fit for the Quantum Pain Relief Program.

If you do not schedule your appointment, someone will contact you from our office within 24 hours of your application.

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I was on a waiting list for back surgery and could hardly move without intense pain.


I was missing out on a lot, and unable to do what I used to love. Within a couple Laser treatments I started to feel better.


Now, 3 months of weekly treatments later, I feel like a new person. My back doesn't hurt anymore, I'm working, exercising and enjoying life.


Last week, my orthopedic surgeon cleared me - I don't need the surgery anymore.

I just scheduled a 2-week 
backpacking trip with my friends.


I've been working retail for over 20 years, and my knees and back have been in intense pain for years to prove it.


Some days, I had to call in sick because I couldn't get out of bed.


Now, after seeing Dr Kat, my knees only hurt sometimes after a long day.


I'm sleeping better, and I have enough energy to come home and spend quality time with my husband and kids. 

I feel like I got my life back.


My rheumatologist said "I don't know what you're doing, but keep it up. I haven't seen you feeling this good in years!" 

I agree, I haven't felt this good in years!

PayPal Credit

0% Interest if paid in full in 6 Months

Cherry Medical Financing

Offering up to 0% APR Financing for 12 months. Payment plans as long as 24 months. 
Payment options and Interest rates depend on a simple credit check that won't affect your score.

PayPal Pay in 4

Split your purchase into 4 Payments with No Interest.

Because your program is customized for your individual needs, please contact us or schedule a free consultation for a better idea of the cost of your personal program.


Because these therapies are not covered by health insurance, We have done our best to make our prices as affordable as possible.

Most HSAs CAN be used.

In addition, we are proud to offer flexible and accessible payment options:

Hi, I'm Dr Kat Halloran, ND

I am particularly excited to be able to offer this integrative pain relief program, first, because as a physician, I am constantly trying to find solutions and therapies that truly help the body heal, not just mask symptoms.  These therapies, I am able to offer in my practice all help support and enhance the body's innate natural healing abilities, while also giving great results.

Secondly, as a person who has had my own journey with chronic pain, sports injuries and run-away Inflammation, I am also the first Quantum Pain Relief Program Patient.

I understand first-hand the empowerment and freedom patients experience with less pain, and I am excited to get to help more people do more of what they love.

I am looking forward to walking on this journey with you and creating a comprehensive healing plan that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Click the button below to book a free 30-Minute assessment call with me, personally, to see if you are a good fit for the program and how we can work together to get you back enjoying your life.

P.S. Don't forget to mention that you found us on Google to take advantage of our New Year Sale and save an additional $500 off your personalized program! Talk to you soon.

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