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Comprehensive, Effective, Drug Free, Medically Supervised

It's time to Reclaim your Life from Pain.

Quantum Pain Relief Program

What Patients are Saying...

Man Walking in Fields


I was on a waiting list for back surgery and could hardly move without intense pain. I was missing out on a lot, and unable to do what I used to love. Within a couple Laser treatments I started to feel better. Now, 3 months of weekly treatments later, I feel like a new person. My back doesn't hurt anymore, I'm working, exercising and enjoying life. Last week, my orthopedic surgeon cleared me - I don't even need the surgery anymore.

I just scheduled a 2-week 
backpacking trip with my friends.

Young Female Student


I've been working retail for over 20 years, and my knees and back have been in intense pain for years to prove it. Some days, I had to call in sick because I couldn't get out of bed. Now, since seeing Dr Kat, my knees only hurt sometimes after a long day and I have enough energy to come home and spend quality time with my husband and kids.

Woman in White Blouse


Since I had a certain virus a couple of years ago, I've been struggling with  muscle pain, stiffness, sore joints, aches and pains... I'm too young to feel this old! The best prognosis my doctors could tell me was that it would probably go away someday. 

I came to Dr Kat for a second (or third) opinion, and she told me about her success with pain relief, so I tried it and OMG!

I feel like I got my life back.

The pain is gone!!

The Program

When you experience pain, especially chronic, long-lasting pain, it doesn't take long before it starts to feel like it's taking over your entire life.


The worst part is, everywhere you turn in mainstream medicine, doctors tend to not believe you, or imply you are imagining it. Even if they do believe your experiences, treatment options are limited. It is an unbelievably frustrating cycle. 

The Quantum Pain Relief Program was born by accident.


Hugging a Pillow

What's Included?

Over the course of about a year, we noticed an unmistakable trend.

Many patients started coming to us for other concerns. But they also happened to suffer with chronic pain, lingering injuries or wear-and-tear related soreness. 


That's when something surprising happened. During the course of their treatment programs with our Cold Lasers and other therapies -

Their pain either greatly improved, or went away entirely.


Every single one of them.

Eventually, this trend became impossible to ignore, and we began working on the official Quantum Pain Relief Program, an integrative, multi-faceted treatment program to help reduce your pain and heal your body using holistic medical technology, nutrition and physical and mental health support.

Program Highlights:

  • Personalized Treatment Plan - Tailored to your needs

  • Specialized Medical Laser Treatments, designed for your specific situation

  • Far-Infrared Therapy Treatments

  • B12 Injections 

  • Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition Assessment and Coaching 

  • Education and Coaching on Clinically Proven Pain Management Techniques

  • Doctor's Visits, Supplement Review, Lifestyle Assessment

  • and more...

Back Massage

Did you know that the main cause of pain is not joints, muscles or even injury?

The root cause of almost all pain is hidden in plain sight -- inflammation.

Inflammation is a natural process the body uses to try to protect and heal itself. In situations of acute injury, like a broken leg or after a car accident, this is very necessary. Not only does the process of inflammation bring additional resources to the injured area to assist healing, it also keeps you from using the injured area too much while it is still healing. 

Inflammation can be stimulated and made worse by many things we encounter on an ever increasing, daily basis as we navigate modern life:

  • Chemicals

  • Toxins

  • Pollutants, such as air quality, smoke, drinking water contamination, car exhaust, etc...

  • Many foods, especially processed foods

  • Some Medications

  • Stress

  • Lack of Sleep

The list could go on. Each time we encounter any of these challenges to our body, it adds a little layer of irritation to the entire system. Add in health challenges, injuries or periods of severe stress and we have the recipe for what could become many forms of chronic pain.

At some point, many people's bodies, in the face of the combination of all these irritants and toxins begin to overcorrect the damage of these minor 'injuries' the only way it knows how - by creating inflammation. And when that inflammation doesn't fix all the problems, perhaps more inflammation will?

I like to call this the "Runaway Train of Inflammation". It's on the right track. It's doing what it was made to do. But no one can find the breaks to get the situation back under control.

That is where the Quantum Pain Relief Program can help pump the breaks and give your body some much needed healing and restoration.


Dr Kat has a deep understanding of the biochemistry behind inflammation and pain, and during her years in practice, she has built a repertoire of techniques and treatments that, especially when used together, help calm and reset the body's inflammatory response.

Joint Pain

I work on my feet all day. Both of my knees are bone on bone, the pain was nearly unbearable. Another doctor suggested I come see Dr Kat.


Within two weeks of working with her, my pain has gone from a constant 8.5 out of 10 to a 1.5 out of 10. Even while I'm working. and the relief is lasting between treatments. 

Julia, Seattle

What to Expect

The first step is to Schedule a Free Assessment with Dr Kat 

During this 30 minute visit, which you can choose to do as a video call or in-person at our Edmonds, WA Location, Dr Kat will learn about your situation, the causes of your pain and determine if our program and offerings are a good fit for your health. 

After you are accepted into the program, the next step will typically be scheduling a full doctors visit with Dr Kat, as well as your first treatments with our lasers and Far-Infrared thermotherapy.

During your first full doctor visit with Dr Kat, she will do a full assessment and health history of not only you, but also any relevant family history. During this visit, she will order in-depth lab tests and she and you will work together to build out your personalized treatment plan.

Your Treatment Plan will include personalized recommendations for some or all of the following topics to help support your pain-reduction and anti-inflammatory journey:

  • Home Therapies, things you can do between visits to help naturally reduce pain and inflammation

  • Nutrition and assessing if you are eating food that may be contributing to your inflammation

  • Supplements to support your overall health

  • B12 Injections

  • Far-Infrared Thermotherapy

  • A Personalized Cold Laser treatment plan based on your specific needs

Once your lab results come back, Dr Kat will be better able to identify specific nutrients and functions that your body is depleted in and will be able to recommend Functional Medicine and Biochemistry based ways to help your body replenish and get the nutrients it needs to heal.

In some cases, Dr Kat may also refer you to other colleagues who specialize in treatments or therapies you would benefit from, in addition to our offerings.

Expect to be receiving treatments at our office Once to Twice a week for the first 1-2 months. 

Are you ready to start feeling better?


I have overall body pain and Fibromyalgia. It has kept me from living my life as I want to live it for years. Some days I can't get out of bed. 

After 1 treatment, my pain was 50% reduced and by about 2 months in treatment it was, closer to 80+% reduced. What I love most is that the pain relief seems to last between treatments. It's not like a medication where you can feel it wearing off and you're just holding on until you can get your next dose. I never thought this was possible. I have more energy, and I've rediscovered a joy for life. I've been babysitting my grandkids and am actually able to play with them. To say I'm thrilled is an understatement, but I can't think of a word that expresses how thankful I am that I discovered Dr Kat and the cold laser therapy.

Real Results...


After a concussion, I have had a constant headache and neck pain for nearly 15 years. I tried Dr Kat's cold laser therapies for a different issue and was shocked when I realized after the first couple of treatments that my head and neck pain was gone. A year after my treatments, I am still mostly pain free and if I do have any soreness, it is just that, soreness usually from sleeping wrong or doing too much -- you know, like a normal person. And I am able to bounce back to being largely pain free within a day or two. This has been life changing.


My rheumatologist said "I don't know what you're doing, but keep it up. I haven't seen you feeling this good in years!" 


Quantum Light Healthcare Founder,
Dr Kat Halloran, ND

As someone who has had my own journey with chronic pain, sports injuries and run-away Inflammation, not only am I excited as a doctor to bring this program to patients -- I am also the first Quantum Pain Relief Program Patient.

I am looking forward to walking on this journey with you and co-creating a multi-layered plan that fits your needs and lifestyle. 

Click the button below to book a free assessment call with me personally to see if you are a good fit for the program and how we can work together to get you back enjoying your life.


The treatments included in this program are, sadly, not yet covered by health insurance, or in some cases are covered, but for best results, patients need more time using the therapies than is allowed by insurance. 

Because of this, we have made the decision to prioritize patient care and outcomes and cannot bill insurance for the program treatments. (Most HSAs CAN be used.)

We understand this can be a challenge, so we are proud to offer flexible and accessible payment options.

Female Assistance

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